Compilation output:

/usr/local/include/dmd2/std/range.d(6617): Error: function c582.ZeroToTen.opIndex (ushort n) is not callable using argument types (ulong) /usr/local/include/dmd2/std/range.d(6617): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (i) of type ulong to ushort /usr/local/include/dmd2/std/range.d(6625): Error: ZeroToTen cannot be sliced with [] /usr/local/include/dmd2/std/range.d(7053): Error: template instance std.range.SortedRange!(ZeroToTen,"a < b") error instantiating /home/c645/c582.d(25): instantiated from here: assumeSorted!("a < b",ZeroToTen) /home/c645/c582.d(25): Error: template instance std.range.assumeSorted!("a < b",ZeroToTen) error instantiating

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Compiler: DMD 2.081.2 ( 2.081.2 )
Pointer size: m64